Production services

Go-Live produces live Internet webcasts and provides comprehensive solutions customized to each client’s requirements. We provide a full service that includes all the necessary components required for a broadcast, or complement any existing components. All services provided are based on our knowledge, Top of the line equipment and by an experienced in-house personnel team.

Any live broadcast can be divided into three basic phases:

  1. Video Production: The first step is the creation of the video. We offer, in addition to a wide range of photography and production services, focused counseling regarding the nature of the filming, tailored to the event.
  2. Encoding: Our encoding and broadcasting systems are tailored to the needs of each event and enable optimal transmission of the video material to the Internet, according to the required format and qualities.
  3. Distribution: Go – Live has extensive international servers system that provides high quality true streaming to any viewer in Israel and across the world, and to a massive amount of viewers. The live broadcast traffic on your site is transferred from our servers and does not overload your web server.
  1. Player options: you can costumize player appearance, integrate a preroll video or logo in the player and display a chat window beside the player. We also offer special applications according to customer’s request.
  2. Post-production services: These services including editing rushes, VOD premium services and uploading videos to sharing websites.

Will my website’s server be able to contain the load of live broadcast’s viewers?
Your website does not carry the traffic load of the live broadcast, the video traffic is served through our servers.

What happens when there is a large amount of viewers? Do your servers have the capacity to host thousands of viewers?
Our servers are built to withstand any load of viewers in Israel and worldwide.
Go – Live’s experience includes some of the largest live broadcasts held in Israel and has broadcasted in all the major portals.

Is it also possible to watch the live broadcast abroad?
Yes. The streaming to each viewer is via the most accessible and nearest global server. In case of broadcasts that are intended to expanded deployment for global audiences we recommend the “Global Premium” package, which includes, in addition to the usual deployment in North America and Europe, servers located in South America, Asia and Australia.

Will everyone be able to watch the live broadcast?
We employ the most advanced and up-to-date transmission methods and they operate in a format adjusted to the largest number of viewing systems, but still during the long route that begins at the broadcast site and ends on the viewer’s computer there are many factors that are beyond our control. In the event that there are specific viewers who should view the broadcast we will be more than happy to perform a test broadcast in order to ensure that they will be able to view the main event.

Does the ability to watch an event live, say a certain conference, prevent people from attending the event?
From our experience the answer is absolutely not.
People who can come and wish to be an integral part of the event will continue to arrive, while the live broadcast enables the exposure of your event to an additional and wider audience.

Is it possible to watch a rerun of the broadcast?
Of course, all you have to do is order the option of VOD in addition to the live broadcast.

הכלי של השידור החי הוא בסופו של דבר כלי של הפצת רעיונות ותכנים לקהל גדול. האם אתם מעוניינים בעוד חשיפה?

  • כאמצעי למרקום, יחסי ציבור ושיווק אשר משותף להם הרצון לעצב דעת קהל.
  • לצרכי תקשורת פנים ארגונית – כאמצעי תקשורת בתוך הארגון, ופופולארי במיוחד בחברות הייטק, ביוטק ואגרוטק בעלי סניפים בעולם.
  • למנהלי קריאייטיב – שידור חי מאפשר בצורה קלה אינטראקציה עם הצופים ומשלב אותם בחווית האירוע.
  • לגיוס משאבים – במיוחד כאשר לא כל התורמים הפוטנציאליים יכולים להגיע לארץ.
  • ישיבות מועצה וועדות ממשלתיות – על מנת ליצור שקיפות ואמון ציבורי.
  • בתרחישים שבהם מגבלות של מקום באולם או נגישות להגעה של קהל לאתר האירוע.
  • אנשים פרטיים – לצורך שילוב משפחה קרובה באירוע כאשר אלו לא יכולים להיות נוכחים פיזית.