CDN – Media Streaming

Go – Live provides content delivery network services via international network of servers. This service enables to establish a VOD video channel and to independently broadcast live on your website. This service is for premium content, it retains your copyright and responsibility of distribution and enables the use of various designed players, the integration of leads and sponsorships on the player.

  1. A user-friendly package that consists of the cost of file storage and traffic that are calculated only according to transferred data.
  2. Easy and intuitive management interface.
  3. Bandwidth: Go – Live does not limit bandwidth to concurrent users. Monthly charge only for transferred data.
  4. Infrastructure: The cloud system connects hundreds of servers scattered over a hundred server farms and provides quality video up to tens of thousands of concurrent viewers all over the world.
  5. Multi Format: the ability to manage on the server, using a single interface, the streaming of numerous files of different formats.
  6. Statistics: the readable statistics report is produced in the system and is accessible at all times. Expansion options include different segmentation, geographic dispersion and real time usage information.
  7. Automatic archiving: the option of automatic recording of live broadcasts on the server.

Service details:
A. Setup of a Streaming Account: This section includes opening a user account, assigning passwords, enabling access to basic traffic data and training guiding how to use the system.
B. Streaming Data traffic: This section measures the amount of data that is transferred on the server per month. This section is the most basic article in the streaming account since it is also relevant for live broadcast and for VOD. The data traffic is measured in gigabytes or terabyte according to customer’s requirements. We will recommend the package that is most suitable to your requirements and needs.
C. Streaming Storage: Also called origin storage. It enables saving video on a streaming server. The video can be uploaded to the server as FTP, or it can automatically record the video of the live broadcast. This service enables broadcasting VOD videos on your website. This service is measured in gigabytes.
D. Statistics: Each account includes an integral basic statistics system that follows the usage of the account. We also offer the option of expanded statistics that include a range of different segmentations and real time statistics.

What does CDN service mean?
High bandwidths and fast servers that Go – Live offers ensure that your viewers will enjoy an experience of quality and smooth viewing. The download of static content is in accelerated speed. For example, image galleries, banners, HTML, CSS and code blocks such as JavaScript, will load faster in the browser of the viewer who is using our CDN service (streaming).

What advantages does the streaming media service have over the regular server that stores my website?
There are a number of advantages:

  • Regular server has limited bandwidth (limited amount of users). Our distribution network has no limit of concurrent bandwidth.
  • Regular server store files on a single server. In our network the file is replicated across the whole network.
  • Regular servers are located in a single location, and the content is transmitted to the users from a single center point. Our network deploys hundreds of servers located across the world and each user receives the content from the server that is most accessible to him or her.

What advantages does the paid service offer that the use of sharing sites such as YouTube does not?

  • When advertising on YouTube you waive the videos’ distribution rights. In addition your material can be published on any website, even that of your competitors or a website that does not become your organization.
  • The material uploaded to sharing sites can be easily downloaded and used.
  • The presentation of the material is completely dependent on the ever-changing policies of each sharing site. Thus you may be surprised to discover on your videos ads you do not want, suggestions of various videos of inappropriate content, or that some of the videos’ properties you used are no longer available.
  • Sharing websites make their money by encouraging users to watch videos. Don’t be surprised to find your video viewers go from your website to the sharing website through all sorts of gateways the sharing site embeds in the player. It is also possible that the users will view the video on the sharing site itself and not will not enter your website.
  • Premium service offers the ability to fully brand or design the appearance and content of the player, an option disabled by sharing websites.

What is the maximum amount of concurrent viewers that Go – Live’s servers can support?
We do not limit bandwidth. Our network servers enable to switch the traffic automatically from the server, that is about to overload, to the nearest server. When a large amount of viewers (more than 10,000 concurrent users) is expected it is recommended to inform us in advance.

Are my files stored on the server secure?
The access to your management interface is encrypted in SSL security protocol and password protected. On the other hand, it is important to make sure that the method of submitting content on your website maintains restricted access to files.

  • Establishing an online private television channel.
  • Websites interested in archived videos.
  • Producing live broadcast embedded on your Facebook page, enabling interaction with the social network users.
  • Establishing an Internet radio station.
  • Accelerating speed of files, photos or software download on the site.
  • Banners servers for advertising companies.