Broadcast systems

Go-Live provides design, installation, operation and maintenance services for regular use of broadcasting systems.

We offer a variety of system designs that include systems for a single camera or multiple cameras, rugged systems fitted to field conditions and systems operating user-controlled robotic cameras.

Unlike CCTV systems designed for security purposes, our systems are designed to transmit via content distribution platform (CDN), streaming unlimited amount of viewers. The broadcasting systems of Go-Live are installed in various sites and serve various scenarios, such as live broadcasting studios, construction sites, beaches, landscapes sites, universities and conferences, enabling broadcast in a variety of Internet, mobile platforms and live broadcast on Facebook.

Our broadcasting systems can be operated in various ways:

  • User operated, that is by a person operating the transmission on site
  • Through remote operation by the customer or our technicians
  • Systems operating regularly, or automatically start transmitting when turned on
  • Systems that record and broadcast according to a predetermined schedule

The broadcasting system can be purchased or rented for limited time – such as when used in campaigns.