A. Introduction:
Internet video is used as a platform that effectively conveys messages directly to target audiences.
Internet surfers prefer websites that provide easily accessible content, and as such video clips are the preferred means. The major content portals understand the value of video and focus their efforts on producing attractive and interesting videos. Combining videos on web pages increases the average time users spend on a page as well as their understanding of the conveyed messages.

B. Description:
Go-Live was founded in 2008 by video producers and web professionals in order to provide a single company that offers comprehensive solutions to all aspects related to live internet broadcast, and in direct response to the growing demand in the field of web video. Production of live online broadcasts requires a combination of technological and artistic skills and expertise. We are here to enable each client access to professional broadcasting tools.

C. Occupation:
Go-Live produces live webcasts via a network of global servers and provides solutions to complex video production, as well as equipment and cloud services for self-catered live online productions.
Go-Live provides content delivery network (CDN) services, website acceleration and a complete platform for producing broadcasts independently.

D. Advantages:
Professionality: smart solutions customized to the client’s specific needs.
Technology: our teams are regularly updated with the latest technologies in the field.
Focus: our expertise is Internet video. No matter what you need, we know how.
Service: close guidance based on careful attention to your needs and customized solutions.